Sterile disposable syringes MP MedPlast designed for injection of medicines in health facilities and at home.
Syringes manufactured by world standards of high-quality materials safe.
Sterilized with ethylene oxide.
The range includes two component and three-component model of syringe, volume 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and 20 ml, and 1 ml insulin syringe (U100) with integrated needle.

The difference between 3-component syringes and 2-component syringes

3-component syringes differ from the 2-component syringes by the presence of a clutch fixed to the piston inside of cylinder. The coupling ensures a smooth stroke of the piston. It is made of special polymer, does not contain latex, does not cause allergies. Triangular laser sharpening of the needle spreads the tissue easily, minimizing trauma. 3-component syringe design and three-sided laser sharpening of the needle minimize pain when injected! This is the main advantage of 3-component syringes over other syringes.

Advantages of syringes with 2 needles

  • Ability to choose the diameter of the needle, depending on the thickness of the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle.
  • Can use a smaller diameter needle for injecting to children.
  • To facilitate the recruitment of drugs, use a needle with a large diameter.
  • The needle may become blunt during the puncture of the bottle stopper, the second sterile needle for injection remains sharp.
  • Since the needle with larger diameter is put on the syringe already, the amount of actions decreases during the injection.